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The experience which Nuland & Arshad, Inc. makes available to clients is drawn from a broad background of financial management, financial analysis, and private equity investing. This also includes familiarity with overseas markets and Nuland & Arshad, Inc. is able to provide its clients with offshore advice and portfolio diversification alternatives.

It is essential in managing client investments that discussions should take place to establish the clients investment requirements in order to determine and maintain a tailored portfolio balance. This leads to the establishment of a determined investment philosophy that incorporates a client's income needs, investment horizon and risk tolerance. Clients may request that their portfolio include or exclude certain types of securities as the case may be. (Nuland & Arshad, Inc. has helped clients structure portfolios of ethical securities.)

Investments are made with the goal of providing long term preservation and growth of capital in an effective after tax manner. Investments in common stocks are focused on companies with strong management, serving growing markets, and selling at reasonable prices. Stock selection is generally bottom up with importance placed on identifying investment candidates that can be acquired at a price multiple that is lower than their growth rate. This facilitates our belief in a buy and hold policy which reduces portfolio turnover and client costs. Stock selection is made with the objective of controlling our clients risk exposure. It is necessary, however, that clients understand that any investment in securities exposes them to potential loss of principal.

It is a major goal of the firm to provide investors with effective management of their assets at reasonable cost.

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